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Some feelings are best expressed when written.. It gives you the freedom to think and the ability to relive that moment.. so here I go scribbling all those random feelings I experience..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Smelly and more..

Life introduces you to a lot of people and at many times tests your skills on people management in different ways.. And given the way life treats me, I happen to gel with some of these unique set of people who stand out  as individuals.. One of them is a special person I would really want to dedicate this post to.. (Here on I will refer him to Mr. FR)


If I have to describe FR, he is nothing less then enormous. He is nearly 5 feet 11inches tall, with a belly that can easily host a plate. His favorite thing to do is talk.. he can bore people to hell by repeatedly telling stories of things which are irrelevant to the person he is conversing with. He can start random chats with people, be it on the bus, rail or then a flight. If he generally doesn’t find anyone to talk to, you can see him blabbering to himself. His second obsession is with digging his nose (if that made you feel gross.. wait till I tell you more..). He loves food.. He can actually be a kid when he sees food, jumping around to get his favorite dish.. He is intelligent but very very lazy. I wont be surprised if he allows a fly to sit on his nose, just so he need no raise his hand to blow it away.. yeah I know I am exaggerating a little.. but you got what kind of a being I am talking about, right..


I happened to meet FR in a meeting once and was blown off by his high intellect.. Given that I love people with brains, I was sure to be catching FR soon.. Luckily for me I got to do a small project with him after a lot of struggle.. And this was the start of realization.. He was intelligent but very disorganized.. if that was not enough he was filthy.. he dug his nose and many times offered the same hand to greet people.. He dug his ears right when the meeting is on, with pencils and pens on the desk.. and worse he farted in meeting while presenting stuff.. So if you tried to avoid the site of him digging this nose, ear or then scratching his leg and arm pits.. you couldn’t miss the smell that he left quite often.. Though we felt like telling him many times it was his position and intelligence that kept us all from speaking up..


I dedicated this post to him coz its his birthday today.. Though I would wish him all the success in life, I wish somehow he realizes how uncomfortable he makes people working with him.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life is the way we see it..

Recently my life has been on the go.. have been so caught up with things that i barely realised people existed around me..

Today while i was waiting (the consequence of relying on someone..) to be picked up.. it suddenly struck me that its been ages since i looked around.. enjoyed the cold rainy breeze around me.. time suddenly felt still..

The kids swinging on the tree, vehicles passing by, those water puddles which tempted me to dip my feet in.. the wind carrying the smell of wadapav from a tapri near by.. and the light drizzle that wet my clothes just made me realize life is beautiful and how much have i been missing..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Love struck!!

I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but for me it is getting irritated with everything that the guy does and still wanting to be with him more than any other person..

Love is telling the guy everything in this world, including things that I could be ashamed off and knowing that it would be our little secret for the rest of our lives..

Love is watching a movie cuddled on the sofa, but still getting goose bumps every-time he pecks you on the cheek.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Just realized I suffer from this condition(not that I am complaining)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Indian media and journalism always amazed me to the core.. Every time I felt a news clipping to be the most ridiculous one, they outbeat it with a totally new nuisance.. but yes it isn’t just the Indian media, its media in general.. Today while just surfing through channels I was surprised to see all the news channels showcasing a guy who was just out from jail after imprisonment for some scam.. and what was shocking that they actually kept covering him – where he went, what he did, what he ate, how he sat and … all ur imaginative mind could think for nearly the whole day..

Ya I know you must be wondering why on earth was I even seeing it, I actually liked the way they went around with hidden cameras to capture all the nonsense.. think its fools like me who makes sure the media earns on these crappy things